Why is my Echo1 M4 shooting sometimes but not always? How to fix it.

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Why is my Echo1 M4 shooting sometimes but not always? How to fix it.

Have you experienced this problem where your AEG will work sometimes and then be dead or make a clicking noise and sorta work when you pull the trigger? It is very hard to explain to the tech or store when you are trying to have them fix it or know what is wrong with it. Basically your trigger contacts are dirty and going bad and you have to take the gearbox apart to clean and or replace the trigger harness.

Above is the Modify V2 Switch which you can install if needed. It will work for almost all M4 and M16 and many brands as well.

Ok lets get started on fixing your M4 so you you get back on the airsoft field. The Tech Support video is here M4 shooting sometimes. Trigger issues and how to fix.

You will need a basic set of tools to take apart the gun an get to the gearbox, if you are unsure about taking the gearbox apart I have several other videos on my channel that will help you out. The tools will be a T7 torx, large and small phillips driver, flathead, zackto kinfe and maybe some others if you need them.

Step 1: Remove the battery and magazine from the gun.

Step 2: Gently remove the upper from the lower, pay special attention to the wires and do not damage them.

Step 3: Remove the stock, magazine release, body pin and pistol grip and slide gearbox out of the lower frame.

Step 4: Release the spring tension by pulling on the anti-reversal latch. Remove the screws on the outside of the gearbox or mechbox. There should be several Torx screws (T7).

Step 5: Remove the gears and other parts that are in the way. You now need the small phillips driver to remove the screw at the back of the wire harness.

Once you have the trigger contact removed from the gearbox shell you can inspect it and see if there is any damage or carbon build up that would cause the issue.

Step 6: Remove the sliding contact from the trigger switch and inspect it. If there is carbon build up you will have to use a zacto knife or blade to scrape off the debris and then you can use a piece of super fine sand paper to clean up the surface and make it smooth again. If the Left or Right contact plates are uneven or broken off you will need to replace with a new switch set and be good to go.

Replacement parts: If you need to replace the wire harness you can use the Stock Echo1 M4 Wire Harness or M16 version. This will work since since you will just need the plastic harness section and the trigger contacts. The wiring in your AEG will be fine and you do not need to remove them. Just solder on the new section and done.

Step 7: Once the wire harness and triggers switch is cleaned and in good working order you can re install into the gearbox and reverse the steps to put the gun make together and test it.

Here is the complete video to watch in case the 7 steps were not clear enough. Click on the picture below.

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