M134 Minigun Airsoft Repair Videos

Full DIY guides on how to repair an Echo1 M134 Airsoft Minigun.

The Echo1 Minigun operates like no other AEG on the market and is a great challenge even for the most seasoned techs. For professional techs and DIY airsofters that are interested in learning the process of repair for the Echo1 Minigun, this is the perfect place to start.

About Brian

Brian Holt is the lead technician for Echo1USA. He got his first AEG in 1997, and with over 15 years' experience playing Airsoft, Brian demonstrates a true passion for the sport. His number one concern is to help other players in repairing or upgrading their Airsoft guns, so feel free to ask him a question if you're experiencing problems with your Airsoft gun or are curious about upgrades.

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