Going to the Zephyr Airsoft Grand Opening

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Going to the Zephyr Airsoft Grand Opening

I went to the Zephyr Airsoft grand opening this last Saturday,  July 14th and it was a great event. If you did not know what Zephyr Sports is they are an outdoor sports store selling Airsoft, paintball, skateboards, boots and many other outdoor popular items. Checking out the inside of the store they have a great selection of our Echo1USA products and many other airsoft guns so you can easily pick out your favorite gun and get playing.

Once we setup up the booth to show off pour products I had to point out the coolest SOB in airsoft. Not me! I mean the Special Operations Branch 1. Many people love this gun for the weight and performance.

What was really cool is how Zephyr Sports had the big names in paintball show up to their event. The biggest one was Spyder and they had a shooting area and everything. This event was great since there were paintballers and airsofters in the same event an they could see what the other sport has to offer. I noticed a lot of open minds which is very cool.

Some of the paintballers thought that our products were the cheap stuff you see at walmart but I showed them the RedStar LMG and how it has a fake piston and other parts to make it very realistic and they were really impressed.

There was a group of paintball players that were looking at our booth and sort of reluctant to come over but I saw they ere talking about it and interested. I brought them over since I asked them what video games they play. They play Battlefield 3 and then we started talking and showing them the guns and they were hooked and stayed at our booth for about an hour. Many people still think that airsoft is a cheap toy for kids but we at Echo1USA are working on informing people that it is a  serious sport just like paintball.

At the end of the day there was the awesome raffle. The wall of raffle goodies was almost nine grand in value and was the talk of the day. I even entered for a chance to win a new gopro 2. I did not win but we make three lucky people super happy since we donated a RedStar Covert, M28 and E90 for the raffle and the winners went crazy when they won them. All and all it was a great day for Zephyr Airosft and EchoUSA working together with many other vendors to host an awesome event for the players and fans of the products.

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